The Interest Engine accurately predicts a user’s interest in a given item using a variety of techniques, from accepting parameters directly from the user, to advanced machine learning techniques based upon previous and current behavior.


The Interest Engine is a provided to your current system as a service. The data is passed back and forth via well-understood and simple XML. If you have IT staff, they will have a minimum amount of work to do, and if you don’t have the technical skills in-house, Mossy Side is happy to work with you.

Communication Methods

The Interest Engine sends messages that can be sent to the user in any type of option you desire. All of the methods of communication can be utilized: e-mail, SMS, Twitter, an automated phone message, a flag for your sales staff, a physical mailing. Mossy Side will work with your creativity and find the best method(s) of communication with your customers.

Mossy Side will trigger the customer messages, sending an XML message to your system, but ultimately the communique will come from your servers. This is an important feature, as it means Mossy Side does not have to have any critical customer contact information, and that you maintain full control over your customer relationship.

Maybe list of each type and describe how it might work or benefit?

Interest Levels

The Interest Engine can rank a user’s interest in an item either as a numerical value, or ranked/enumerated. For instance, in the sample data, Mossy Side ranks a user’s interest in an earthquake as alert, interested, not-interested, or offended. The purpose of ranking versus just setting as a simple interest/no-interest is to provide the users with a personalized presentation of the content when they come to the site.

The levels are customizable to meet your business needs. Some items may need to find their way to the customer immediately via SMS, some can go slower via e-mail, and some may be batched up into a personalized monthly newsletter. Again, your imagination is the limit, and Mossy Side can work with you to determine what might be most effective.

Machine Learning

Machine learning, is a branch of artificial intelligence that includes a number of advanced statistical methods for regression and classification, finding applications in a wide variety of fields including medical diagnostics, credit card fraud detection and facial recognition. Given a complex problem, such as predicting human behavior, the relationships between input and output variables will be likewise complex and the mathematical form of the dependencies between variables will be unknown. Mossy Side’s Interest Engine emulates human behavior to learn not only the predicted behavior, but also the relationships between the input variables.