Your content is unique, and so is each one of your consumers. As your library and customer base grow, Mossy Side will continually give personalized attention to each consumer, matching their interests to increase your value.

crystal_clear_action_edit_addImprove Marketing ROIcrystal_clear_action_edit_add

  • Direct Marketing can (and should) be an improvement over general marketing.
  • Each dollar spent on email marketing yields a return of $45.62, direct marketing yields, on average, a return on investment of $11.69, and the ROI is $5.24 from non-direct marketing expenditures. .
    From DMA’s The Power of Direct Marketing: ROI, Sales, Expenditures and Employment in the US, 2007-2008 Edition
  • Mossy Side not only helps improve the personalization of your e-mail campaigns, but can also add any medium such as Twitter, SMS, and so on.
  • Target your campaigns at an individual level without absorbing the cost of more IT staff. Each engineer you hire is going to cost $100,000 to $150,000 a year. Let MS absorb those costs so you can focus your resources on your core business.
  • Because the communication is individualized for the users, it is easy to track it, and report back into your ROI calculations, whether it’s measured on clicks, purchases, views, or any other metric.

crystal_clear_action_edit_addKeep Customer Permission for Marketingcrystal_clear_action_edit_add

  • The good news, according to Merkle, in a 2009 report, is that consumers are more willing to opt-in, and receive e-mails from companies than they have been in the past. In fact, this is the first rise in over 6 years. The bad news, if you’re not careful, is why customers opt-out of the company messaging. 75% leave because the communication isn’t relevant, and 73% leave because it’s too frequent. Mossy Side is intended for this very purpose. Not only does it help tailor the messaging to the individual, and thereby increasing it’s value, but it offers customers the ability to interact and shape the messaging they receive.

  • Another interesting finding from Merkle, is that there is an inverse relationship between the value and quantity of communications they receive. Think about your own interaction online, and the value of a receipt or confirmation versus the value of yet another blindly sent offer. Once again, Mossy Side helps trim down your communication to the essentials, providing value to your customer and in return, to your business.

  • If you like reading, and have time, the Merkle paper is offered free here:

crystal_clear_action_edit_addInform Customers in Realtimecrystal_clear_action_edit_add

  • Why send out communications to your customer on a regular, inorganic schedule? Is that really when they want to hear from you? The second Tuesday of each month?

  • Mossy Side gives you the ability to communicate immediately when there is something interesting for your customer. The Interest Engine is personalized for each user and can tailor communications to their individualized tastes.

  • Your marketing campaigns can run year-round, 24×7, so you don’t have to try and push the best timing on to your customers, they can determine the best times for themselves.

crystal_clear_action_edit_add Geographically Awarecrystal_clear_action_edit_add

  • Mossy Side’s “Interest Engine” takes into account the position and movement of your users. Some messages are more effective when they are delivered in the correct location. According to eMarketer, close to 50% of the US will be using the internet on their mobile devices in 5 years, and personalizing to their locations, will only provide for relevance and value for your communication.

  • Since Mossy Side is also chronologically aware, you can combine the time with the place, to help answer questions such as:

    • Do they always download a video after going to a movie theater?

    • Do they purchase an album within a a week of a trip to a major music festival?

  • Letting Mossy Side help you answer these types of questions will help you tailor every contact with your customer to maximize your value proposition.

crystal_clear_action_edit_addChronologically Awarecrystal_clear_action_edit_add

  • Mossy Side can use time and date as input to customer interest. This can answer many questions that may be pertinent to the value you provide and the sales you make, such as:

    • When was the last time they visited your site?

    • When was the last time they viewed a video associated with an article?

    • Do subscribers show up near Valentine’s day, or after a large national advertising campaign?

    • Are they more active viewers or listeners during the winter?

  • Letting Mossy Side help you answer these types of questions will help you tailor every contact with your customer to maximize your value proposition.

crystal_clear_action_edit_addTest Theories and Learn More About Your Customerscrystal_clear_action_edit_add

  • Your customers are complex, and you can’t always be sure how they will behave. Test your theories before spending the money. Evolution to determine interests, not an a vacuum, but with eyes-wide-open on all of the information available.

  • Mossy Side can help work out the relationships between all of the variables that make up a customer interaction with you. Demographic information about the customer, historical information that you’ve collected, inputs such as current time and location, even current trends inside and outside of your company.

  • As an example, wouldn’t it be nice to know that investing in 10,000 new shirts in pink and neon green would pay off as much as the current hot selling black and red? Or, would your customer’s be indifferent to subscription increase of 15% without having to make the change first?