Client Stories

Safety in the Backcountry
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Two different organizations were looking for a timely way to distribute avalanche information to backcountry winter travelers.  They also wanted to collect field observations from these users.  And, as if it needs to be said, they wanted to have it done as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

Implement a mobile device based app using a cross-platform compiler to maximize code reuse and minimize time.  Also, by using Mossy Side as the focal point, the groups were able to share much of the same code base and be efficient with time and money.  The mobile app was selected, as it is the common tool (outside of beacons, shovels, probes), that the majority of backcountry travelers carry with them.  Existing APIs were used to access the server-based databases, and new API code was written where necessary.  To see these solutions in action, please install any these free apps:

CAIC- iOS | CAIC – Android | NWAC – iOS | NWAC – Android


Fully Baked Sales Solution
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The Flying Apron Bakery has two retail locations, a centralized kitchen, and a wholesale operation serving hundreds of commercial locations with an active sales and distribution team.  A system to allow orders to be placed by sales and retail managers, production schedules for the kitchen, packing lists and invoices for distribution, billing for accounting, and ordering for operations was needed to realize efficiencies of scale.

Mossy Side created an integrated, server-based system utilizing the existing accounting package.  This allowed the accounting and financial team to stick with tools they are already familiar with and bring in any additional help necessary without retraining.  The other teams, due to their distributed nature are able to work anywhere they can connect to a server with a simple browser, giving flexibility over location (in the field, in the kitchen, in a parked van, etc.) and device (Linux machine in the kitchen, Windows in the back office, smart phone in the hand, etc.).


Bridging the Pacific With Sound Waves
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Tsurumi Records was created to ensure great music that is being created on either side of the Pacific is shared amongst fans on both coasts.  No mere record store or online shopping cart would be able to make this happen, they needed a solution that allowed a music-loving community to not only purchase, but communicate and explore.

Mossy Side designed a marketing and sales approach that allowed for the sales and distribution of physical vinyl, yes vinyl, recordings, but also the digital versions.  This appeals to the collecting and sharing nature of music fans.  By utilizing an outside team of vendors curated by Mossy Side, Tsurumi Records is able to continue their mission online without having to keep a technical team staffed, eliminating overhead costs that can be used in business operations.