Execution is the name of the game when it comes to rolling out new strategies.

Mossy Side can put together a plan of implementation or help construct a permanent team if desired.

Not every company wants to keep a highly specialized team of expensive technologists around, nor does it always make good financial sense, so we are also here to help lead a temporary team of vendors and contractors, or just do the work ourselves.

Some examples of the implementation steps we can own or shepherd:

  • Design
    • Technology design
    • Marketing plan including sales strategy
  • Development
    • Create product on time and within budget
    • Supply chain creation
    • Create marketing assets, including sales channels
  • Testing
    • Product testing
    • Market research
    • Certification or licensing
  • Deployment
    • Product launch
    • Customer service
  • Ongoing
    • Customer service
    • Product updates
    • Create new sales channels for existing products
    • Management of personnel
    • Increase customer loyalty