Mossy Side understand the intersection between good business and technology.

We are here to make your business grow with technology as a lever, not the master.

We are comfortable from beginning to end, but know that business does not always work in a sequential fashion; to this end, we are happy to pick up and provide value at whatever stage our clients need assistance. An example of some of the steps along the way that we have engaged in include:

  • Analysis
    • Feasibility with existing technologies and resources
    • Determine if market will support business goals
  • Research
    • Technology research
    • Market research
    • Develop requirements
  • Funding
    • Determine the actual costs for spend or presentation to investors
    • Create mutually beneficial partnerships with internal groups or external companies to provide resources
  • Future
    • Engage with customer base to determine product revisions
    • End-of-life current products